Advantage 1

RT1_Advantage 1 LogoAdvantage 1 is a service of Response Team 1 designed to prepare businesses for Advantage 1_Girlthe possibility of a disaster. At its core, it is a plan for the people affected by the disaster. In the first 48 hours of the disaster, Advantage 1 can speed up response time and reduce the amount of damage. Advantage 1 can improve efficiency to reduce costs and dramatically improve the time for recovery.

Fast and complete recovery

When disaster happens, we all want it fixed as quickly as possible. Partnering with Response Team 1 can speed the response and reduce the extent of the disaster. By planning ahead, the recovery process is efficient and you get back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Cost control through comprehensive planning

Planning and preparing using Advantage 1 provides a key advantage in controlling the cost of recovery. By partnering with Response Team 1, the right number of experienced professionals, vehicles and equipment will be on the site, and they will be doing the right tasks in line with the planned priorities. That makes it a much more efficient response and lowers costs.

Advantage 1 is no cost today and future savings in the event of a disaster.
Take advantage of Advantage 1 today.