Response Team 1 provides property restoration services
in communities struck by tornadoes, hurricanes, wind storms or floods.

Our Emergency Services


24 / 7 / 365 Availability
Disaster can hit your property at any time. Response Team 1 is always ready to answer the call and respond immediately to your emergency situation.

Loss Containment
Fast response is the most important factor in determining the extent of the damage. Response Team 1 deploys rapidly and brings the right equipment to prevent further damage. Stopping the damage quickly reduces restoration costs and speeds the recovery.

Water Damage & Structural Drying
Water damage is often the result of firefighting efforts, flooding from storms or equipment or plumbing failures. Response Team 1 members are fully trained and certified by the IICRC to extract excess water and begin the cleanup. Drying and dehumidification equipment is deployed to eliminate the water and moisture. Once the area is dry, restoration can begin.

Fire Damage
The extent of fire damage requires careful assessment to determine the level of services required to bring your property or business back to normal. Soot cleanup and smoke odor removal, along with air purification and contents restoration can handle the effects of small fires. Larger fires may require debris removal and structural reconstruction even before the other steps can take place to return the property to normal operation.

Wind Damage
Tornadoes, hurricanes and other wind damage events can cause serious, even catastrophic damage to property. The first step is to contain the loss by stopping further damage. Covering the roof with a tarp or boarding up the property maybe immediately necessary. Securing the property with fencing and beginning debris removal will begin the process to recovery.

If the structure is damaged the first concern is safety of personnel on the site. Shoring up the structure and assessing the damage are needed ASAP. Response Team 1 can provide complete reconstruction to make the property new again.


Our Services

  • Complete Project Documentation
  • Contents Packout, Cleaning and Restoration
  • Debris Removal
  • Deodorization and anti-microbial services
  • Document Recovery
  • Drying & Dehumidification
  • Emergency Power
  • Environmental Services


  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • HVAC Decontamination and Air Duct Cleaning
  • Meth Lab Remediation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Pre-disaster Planning and Consultation
  • Project Cost Consulting
  • Reconstruction
  • Safety & Security Measures


  • Semiconductor Equipment Services
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Structural Stabilization
  • Structural Cleaning and Restoration
  • Temporary Heating and Cooling
  • Water Extraction and Structural Drying
  • Water Damage Restoration

TRC Helps During Moore Tornado Damage Cleanup

TRCCustomer: Moore Public Schools

Event: May 2013 Tornado Outbreak

Services: Water Extraction, Debris Removal, Demolition, Drying, Temporary fence, Environmental Controls, Construction Repairs

A tornado can take away just about anything. Buildings, even the most well-constructed, are no match. Cars and trucks look like crumbled tin foil, and lives – the ones that are spared – are changed forever. But the twisters have no power over the spirit that resides in the Heartland.

It’s been called “The Oklahoma Standard” and it has come to symbolize the best in the way people respond to a disaster. You see signs of it no matter where you look in Moore, Oklahoma – the site of the monstrous tornado that devastated that community.

Here it would be easy to focus on loss because there is so much of it. Once you lift your eyes from the rubble and the ruin, however, you begin to see what they mean when they talk about the way these folks help each other. There are tents with volunteers offering refreshing bottles of water, directions, and information to anyone needing just about anything.

“People will come up and ask if you are hungry – if you need anything. I’ve been to things like this all over the country, and I’ve never seen anything like it”, says TRC Director of Operations Ryan Hill.

TRC Disaster Solutions/ Response Team 1 serves Moore Public Schools to help restore what looks at first to be so hopelessly lost. But there is evidence of Moore’s enduring spirit everywhere. You only have to look around to see things like TRC workers removing the sign bearing the image of the Plaza Towers mascot. It will be stored safely away while the work of restoration goes forward. Eventually, it will return to its rightful place. So will Moore, Oklahoma.

Tulsa Company Helps Joplin Residents on Extreme Home Makeover


Joplin, Two Months Later

TULSA, Okla. —

Seven Homes in Seven Days is what ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover is calling it, and one Tulsa company is offering its services.

The devastating May twister left thousands homeless in Joplin and one way TRC Solutions of Tulsa is helping is by giving three of the seven chosen families a free service.

“We are providing drying services,” said TRC spokesperson Crystal Kline.

She says TRC provides restoration services after a flood, fire or wind event.

“We’re going to use our drying expertise to expedite the interior drying of the drywall, the primer and the paint and provide dehumidification.”

Water Damage Restoration to Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, OK

Water Damage Restoration

Customer: Hillcrest Medical Center

Event: Water Damage Restoration

Services: 24-Hour Emergency Response, Drying & Dehumidification, Selective Demolition, Environmental Controls, Infection Control

June 2013 – Life has its ups and down but when water spills into elevator shafts at a major hospital, things can go sideways. When a sprinkler head broke outside a bank of elevators at Tulsa’s Hillcrest Medical Center, water went gushing into three elevators on one side of the 7th Floor and into a fourth elevator across the hallway. It spilled down to the basement, into some patient rooms, waiting rooms, MRI, ER, and Surgery suites. Hillcrest’s Safety Management and Infections Control personnel went immediately to work. They called TRC Disaster Solutions / Response Team 1.

Hillcrest and TRC have a long-standing Emergency Response Agreement in place to handle such situations. Quickly arriving on the scene, TRC crews started extracting water. To guard against the spread of high particulate air and microbial material, containment barriers were set up to separate affected areas. Logistics were created to maintain access to other areas of the facility. TRC project management worked to maintain the highest standards of restoration in compliance with all regulations including those ensuring the confidentiality of patient health information (HIPAA) and Infection Control.

Williams Tower in Tulsa

Williams Tower

Customer: Williams Tower

Event: Water Main Break

Services: Water Extraction, Structure Drying, Document & File Recovery, Environmental Services

In December of 2005 a large city water main in Tulsa ruptured. It left a 15-foot hole in the street. Thousands of gallons of water poured into the basement and first floor of the nearby Williams Tower – then, the largest building in Oklahoma.

TRC quickly mobilized its large fleet of drying equipment. Water was being extracted from the building literally within minutes of the initial call. 

As workers outside the Tower coped with sub-freezing conditions, technicians inside the building were dealing with a different kind of temperature problem. The Williams Companies’ Data Center was housed in the basement of the building. 

Experienced TRC drying specialists made sure temporary environmental controls were maintained in order to prevent the servers from overheating while restoring the Data Center and the Tower itself to a safe and stable condition.

As a result of the efficiency and skill of TRC technicians utilizing of the kind of equipment needed for a job of this size, people who worked in the massive Williams Tower were soon able to return to their jobs. A multi-million dollar loss was mitigated with a minimum of interruption to business activities. 

Emergency Response Key in Okmulgee High School Loss

Emergency Response

 Customer: Okmulgee Public Schools

Event: High School Vandalism

Services: Water Extraction, Drying, Debris Removal, Carpet Cleaning, Construction Repairs

Feb. 2013 – TRC emergency crews responded quickly to a report of fire and water damage at Okmulgee High School. Vandals had gained entry to the school through a broken window. A fire set off sprinklers on the third floor of the building. Three floors filled with smoke and several classrooms on three floors sustained water damage.    

TRC Disaster Solutions answered the call at 1:40 a.m. and emergency personnel from the Company’s Tulsa facility arrived on site within the hour. When fire investigators gave the O.K., TRC moved in equipment and started extracting water from a total of 6 classrooms. Additional TRC crew, dispatched from the Company’s Oklahoma City office, worked on the loss and had the school back up and running by 7 a.m.; in time for the start of classes.

Initially, TRC cleaned up broken glass, boarded shattered windows, and removed debris. Water extraction and drying services were followed by repairs that were performed within the week.

Fort Supply Public School in Western OK

Fort Supply

Customer: Fort Supply Public School

Event: Roof Collapse

Services: 24-Hour Emergency Response, Temporary Board Up, Demolition, Construction Repairs

In April, 2009, an early Spring blizzard dumped snow estimated at up to as much as 30 inches on parts of Western Oklahoma. The weight of the heavy, wet snow was too much for the roof of the Fort Supply School gymnasium. Steel girders twisted like sticks of licorice candy. The resulting roof collapse also caused the loss of natural gas service to an adjacent “cafetorium” (a combination cafeteria and auditorium with stage area) and elementary classrooms.

Within a few hours of the initial call, TRC dispatched portable DX Heater, a desiccant dehumidifier and auxiliary power units. TRC technicians worked to stabilize the environmental atmosphere in the cafetorium and classrooms making it possible for classes to resume. After securing an adjoining wall and ensuring the safety of students occupying the nearby areas, TRC started selected demolition of the gymnasium to make way for restoration of the area.

Hobby Lobby in Baton Rouge, LA

Hobby Lobby

Customer: Hobby Lobby

Event: Hurricane Gustav

Services: Water Extraction, Building & Contents Drying, Environmental Controls, Debris Removal

There were 16 tropical storms in the 2008 season. The average is only 10. But there was nothing average about Hurricane “Gustav”, one of the five tropical storms in ’08 to become a major hurricane.. Gustav triggered the largest evacuation in U.S. history. As highways leading out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana choked with traffic, the start of the LSU football season was moved to a 10 a.m. saturday morning kickoff to avoid a conflict between game day crowds and contra-flow traffic leaving the city.

Gustav all but crippled Baton Rouge’s sources of supply. For days following the storm there was no water, no ice and no power.

TRC went immediately to work for Hobby Lobby, a large retail customer – extracting water standing in the aisles of its Baton Rouge store. Drying and dehumidification equipment was put in place to provide environmental controls thus preserving store inventory. Because TRC’s large fleet of drying equipment is virtually self-sustaining, TRC was able to immediately start restoring the customer’s operation. With its own power and sources of supply, even a massive breakdown in the city’s infrastructure could not deter TRC from providing its customers with full restoration services.